What is the Patty to Bun Ratio?

Just as patty size is important with reference to the patty alone, it’s just as important in situ. Further to the points we made just before in finding the balance between the larger pub style and the smaller fast food style, each has their own ideal bun. As our bun’s texture is a compromise between these two sides of the burger size scale (discussed more in the bun section!), we found that they matched up perfectly. An industrial style fast food bun wouldn’t hold up to our juicy, thicker patty, whereas a heftier roll, more appropriate for a pub style burger, would distract from our patty. Beyond the texture of the bun, the diameter is a simple attribute to evaluate, but incredibly important to the P2BR (patty to bun ratio). A burger, like a great sandwich, should give you a balanced bite each time. There’s nothing worse than taking that first bite of a burger (or the last bite!), and getting mostly bread and condiments. Really, there is nothing worse (that is not an exaggeration). So the simple rule is the patty should fit the bun perfectly. Importantly, since beef shrinks as it cooks, we start with a patty slightly larger in diameter than our bun.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.08.21 PM