Part 1- Seasoning

Let’s get one thing straight, right off the bat –we’re talking salt and pepper here, not some crazy mix of herbs and spices. We want you to be thinking about the beefiness of our meat after all, not what a rosemary bush tastes like. This is an exercise in keeping it simple, because we have nothing to hide, just beef to enhance. Umami burger puts ‘umami dust’. Smash burger puts some ‘secret seasoning’ (likely garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper based on some detective work and their interactive nutritional guide), Burger Project puts flaky ‘fancy’ salt. If you want a pure beef flavour, and you want it as evenly spread as possible, you have one option, and one option alone: season with a fine sea salt from high above (better distribution) and…that’s it. It’s the most eye opening lesson we teach our staff at induction: we get them to taste our patty cooked with no salt (bland!), too much salt (kind of tasty, but more of a jerky style flavour than what we’re after), and…just right, beefiness personified (in actual fact, we use the Goldilocks metaphor quite a bit when teaching staff to make our burger).