How Important is Temperature Control?

The temperature of ground meat is essential for the same reasons we keep coming back to: flavour and food safety. Oxidation and bacterial growth are both significantly increased at room temperature versus below 5C (remember your ideal gas law, PV=nRT? Higher temperature means quicker reactions. Try washing your dishes in cold water for a painful example). Oxidation denatures the lipids and proteins in your mince, creating secondary compounds that coincidentally taste bad and can make you sick (thanks evolution!). We arguably go a bit crazy for temperature control: it’s why we spent 3x as much on a grinder (made in France!) that is completely enclosed in refrigeration, one of the only models we know of its kind in Australia (hey, it impressed our food safety consultant). Our mince never gets about 5C, even as we weigh out our patties by hand, whereas many producers of patties are satisfied with their mince spending less than 2 hours above 5C (according to food safety microbiology, this is valid {read up on the ‘lag phase’ if you find that interesting!}, but according to our taste receptors, it’s another story).

meat grind