Frequently Asked Questions

We use a griddle (a flat top grill). We recently started using a chrome one (easier to keep the sear with the beef, better heat distribution). For us, there’s no contest between a flat grill and a chargrill. A flat grill has the most surface area to touch the beef, providing the most even and […]

Whole muscles are far superior to trim. This has to do with the microbiological properties of trim, which directly relates to its flavour when eaten. The far greater surface area of trim compared to a whole muscle leads to significantly more temperature rise, and hence oxidation (which is essentially the deterioration of preferable flavour producing […]

In musing on salt last week, there’s something that might have occurred to our savvy readers (and let’s be honest – if you’re reading our Theory Thursdays, you’re probably pretty savvy). Yes, we do season every burger…to order. Yes, this is a bit crazy. Yes, we do have our reasons. But first, let’s talk about […]

Let’s get one thing straight, right off the bat –we’re talking salt and pepper here, not some crazy mix of herbs and spices. We want you to be thinking about the beefiness of our meat after all, not what a rosemary bush tastes like. This is an exercise in keeping it simple, because we have […]

Just as patty size is important with reference to the patty alone, it’s just as important in situ. Further to the points we made just before in finding the balance between the larger pub style and the smaller fast food style, each has their own ideal bun. As our bun’s texture is a compromise between […]

The temperature of ground meat is essential for the same reasons we keep coming back to: flavour and food safety. Oxidation and bacterial growth are both significantly increased at room temperature versus below 5C (remember your ideal gas law, PV=nRT? Higher temperature means quicker reactions. Try washing your dishes in cold water for a painful […]

We form our patty just before we salt it, as noted in the last Theory Thursday post. But this isn’t just because we want to avoid a sausage like texture; it’s also because a formed patty is the best surface to evenly season. Many burger purveyors are doing ‘smash-style’ burgers these days – they take […]

Patties, especially in the USA, come in all different shapes and sizes (and cooking methods, which will be addressed in the next Theory Thursday!). At its inception less than 50 years ago, Big Macs were considered a huge burger (hence the moniker – apparently “The Aristocrat” wasn’t as well received), with 2 patties at under […]

“Fat is flavour”– this adage is not always true (e.g. soy sauce), but in the case of burgers, it is irrefutable. A juicy, beefy tasting burger is partially to do with the inherent moisture and flavour of the muscle fibres, but what really causes chicken to taste like chicken, pork to taste like pork, and […]

There is a case to be made for blends of various cuts (a combination of short rib, brisket and sirloin, for example), but for consistency, simplicity and safety’s sake, you can’t go past chuck.  Chuck has a meat-to-fat ratio that hovers around 80-20%, providing the ideal balance of juiciness and structure to the cooked patty. […]