Skara Smallgoods

Skara Smallgoods hold the proud mantle of being the first producer of Certified Free Range pork smallgoods in South Australia and are certified through Humane Choice. The bacon that goes into our burgers and food are handcrafted and traditionally smoked by the Skara family and team at Nairne in the Adelaide Hills, with flavours reflecting the family’s heritage on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia.

Greenslade Chickens

Owner Matthew Greenslade and his family operate this award winning free range poultry operation at Riverton at the top of Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. The Greenslade family believe strongly in creating a natural environment for their birds, allowing them to wander and peck freely over vast grazing land and utilise fresh air ventilated housing sheds. Unlike most chicken on the supermarket shelves, they encourage the birds to grow at a slower rate, which inturn produces a more mature bird and in our opinion, a tastier chicken.

King Island Dairy

The King Island Dairy is regarded as Australia’s premier specialty cheese and dairy producer, with a history spanning back to the early 1900s. King Island is one of the few areas in Australia and indeed the world, where cows graze all year round, resulting in cow’s milk that is extremely high quality and desirable for cheese production.

Rohde’s Free Range Eggs

The company started off in the 1950s as a bit of a hobby for the Rohde Family of Tarlee and now three Generations have worked to grow and expand the business at Ruradene Farm, on the edge of the Clare Valley. One in every five free range eggs laid in South Australia comes from this property, but for John Rohde it’s not about quantity, it’s all about doing the right thing by the birds.