Original Fried Chicken Burger

Burger Theory Original Fried Chicken Burger

We set out to do fried chicken right, as there really is nothing quite like a succulent piece of fried chicken. In doing right, one has to start right, and we do so with truly free range birds. Being free range, no two birds are the same, and thus getting the right fry can be troublesome – the correct time and temperature for one breast may well miss the mark on the next.

So… we’ve taken the road less travelled, en route to a culinary rewriting of the rules – you see, we grind our chicken breasts, shaping them into patties and freezing them into place. This creates the ultimate condition for perfectly fried chicken: consistency of size, temperature and form. Fresh and filleted can be great, except when your goal is less oil absorption and more precision with the fry (unlike beef, no one wants their chicken medium!). The batter also binds much better to frozen chicken, and especially so when it is applied by hand right before cooking time.