#2 Beef Burger

Burger Theory #2 Beef Burger

Rich, decadent and saucy, our second burger is the perfect foil to #1’s classic configuration. It’s brash, loud and proud; the go-to burger for over-the-top and instant gratification.

Or so it might seem. In truth, the #2 is a contradiction, its apparent excesses in fact a result of meticulous patience and measured intent. Onions are topped and tailed and cooked long, low and slow – the necessary conditions for caramelisation, intensified when they hit the grill. The at-once crispy and juicy Skara bacon pieces are only such due to a lengthy dry-cured sideline spell. And as for the lascivious lashing of blue cheese sauce? Let’s just say that, in cheese as in music, blues that develop slowly are blues that develop well.

That’s the #2: two-faced, two-speed and too tasty by half. Deliberately so.