Triple Threat (June 2016)

We’re told things come in threes, both for good…and not so good. The former brings us the Three Musketeers, Three Little Pigs, and three Godfather movies (ok, maybe that’s also in the not so good category); the latter has celebrities very worried when two famous people pass on in quick succession.

June’s BOTM, the “Triple Threat” burger, aims to show threes in their best light, with a heavy hitter triplet of toppings to adorn our freshly ground beef patty. Guacamole needs very little introduction, but given this is Burger Theory, we have something to say about it: keep it simple (fresh lime juice, salt, avocado), and use fresh Australian grown Hass avocados (none of that imported pulp in a vacuum sealed bag stuff). It’s a testament to how good chipotle mayo is that some of the biggest chains advertise it on their menu, but ours starts with the real deal, “chipotles en adobo” – you’ll taste the difference. And finally, we have extra crispy dry cured bacon from Skara Smallgoods in the Adelaide Hills for flavour of course, but also texture – and because you can’t have a heavy hitter triplet of toppings without bacon.

The “Triple Threat” is available all of June at all Burger Theory locations!

 Triple Threat - Burger of the Month