The Second Coming of Nacho (December 2016)

We’ve been scrambling as of late, trying to think of a good gift for our Burger Theory loyalists this holiday season. While burger socks are pretty cool (according to at least 1/3 of the BT crew), we knew we needed to take it up a notch this year. So on that note, while we’re already giving away ten $100 vouchers (enter your email at to be in the draw), we also went out and invented a brand new topping for December’s BOTM: nacho cheese flavoured onion rings. Mic drop.
For those of you who aren’t already on your way to come get one, “The Second Coming of Nacho” has other ingredients of note: there’s also our ever-present freshly ground beef patty, authentic nacho cheese sauce (#embracetheyellow), bacon bits, and pickled jalapeños to slightly offset the cheesy/crunchy richness. But really, no one is reading this, because *nacho cheese flavoured onion rings*.
“The Second Coming of Nacho” is available all December at each Burger Theory location; happy holidays everyone!