Paulie Gee’s Hellboy (November 2016)

It was the early 2010s. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but things were better. Hawthorn fans were less insufferable. Trump’s lunacy affected a far smaller proportion of the world. And Taio Cruz was topping the charts (OK, maybe the early 2010s weren’t perfect).
One thing, however, that Australians clearly missed out on from earlier this decade was a condiment that so gripped Americans it was declared, “the new Sriracha”. It was Mike’s Hot Honey, a chilli infused nectar of whatever you choose to worship (we generally look to condiments). And at Paulie Gee’s, arguably the best modern pizzeria in NYC, it perfectly complimented the ‘Hellboy’.
We’ve always been inspired by this combination of sweet and savoury, and had to pay homage to Paulie Gee and Mike’s brilliance. And so we have November’s BOTM, in which our signature Coorong Angus beef patty is complimented by fresh ricotta (made by us on site!), brought to life by Adelaide Hills honey infused with Thai chills, spicy salami chips, and a simple (but effective) tomato sumo. ‘Paulie Gee’s Hellboy’ is available all this month at each Burger Theory location!