Burgers of the Month

Meat and three…Let’s be honest, the “three” was always the struggle. The punishment. The threat. “You better finish your vegetables or you won’t get dessert!” (note: you can skip straight to frozen custard, we won’t judge) Well, we’re making a controversial statement with July’s Burger of the Month, “Meat and Three”: the vegetables are (almost) […]

We’re told things come in threes, both for good…and not so good. The former brings us the Three Musketeers, Three Little Pigs, and three Godfather movies (ok, maybe that’s also in the not so good category); the latter has celebrities very worried when two famous people pass on in quick succession. June’s BOTM, the “Triple […]

It’s getting to be that time of year; autumn is wrapping up, and winter, well, is coming. That’s the bad news. The good news is that curries hit the spot even more so than they usually do, and to that end, all of May we’re featuring the “It’s Easy Being Green (Curry)” burger. The spotlight […]

Sometimes you can’t decide between a pizza and a burger. Life can be difficult. This month, we’re bringing back our solution to that pressing dilemma, the “Burgza”: it starts with a marinara sauce made with the best tomatoes around (San Marzano DOP, ftw), fresh basil, mozzarella, and one of our most beloved toppings to date, […]

It may officially be Autumn, but we’re going to “deny, deny, deny” with one last summery BOTM: the “Hallouminati”. Summery because there’s watermelon on this burger…yeah, that’s right, sweet, crisp, and refreshing watermelon. You’ll just have to trust us. But this isn’t a dessert burger (there is an elite beef patty, after all): it also features its namesake, freshly grilled halloumi and just picked leaves of mint. With plenty of hot weather predicted this month, this is indeed a choice for the enlightened.

BOTM Hallouminati

It has a pretty stunning peach salsa, if we may say so ourselves, but let’s be honest – it’s just some really great peaches that are the star, complimented by jalapeños for a bit of heat, pickled red onion for a bit of tang, and coriander for a bit of herby freshness.

This salsa then works in tandem with a creamy Onkaparinga brie, and slightly bitter endive, both playing off the sweetness of the ripe stonefruit and the beefiness of our signature patty. It’s available all this summery month at Union St, Adelaide, La Trobe St, Melbourne, and soon to open Flinders Tavern.