Meat and Three (July 2016)

Meat and three…Let’s be honest, the “three” was always the struggle. The punishment. The threat. “You better finish your vegetables or you won’t get dessert!” (note: you can skip straight to frozen custard, we won’t judge) Well, we’re making a controversial statement with July’s Burger of the Month, “Meat and Three”: the vegetables are (almost) the stars, nearly overshadowing our freshly ground Angus beef patty. The carrots are glazed in a touch of honey from the Adelaide Hills, the broccoli is grilled ever so close to being burnt, maximising its flavour and texture (shoutout to Brooks Headley), and the cauliflower purée – all modesty aside, we might have to bottle this stuff and sell it on its own – it’s that deeply flavourful and creamy. So don’t struggle getting your veg this month, grab a “Meat and Three”, and triumphantly send your parents a photo of your empty wrapper.


BOTM - Meat and Three #1 (1)