Invert-a-burger (August 2017)

AUGUST ANNOUNCEMENT: This month’s BOTM features Swiss cheese and an upside down bun. Meat the Invert-a-burger (yay, pun!). It’s the first BOTM contribution by Rob, and sometimes he gets things back to front (name first, burger later). Inspired by a uni fling with toasted sandwiches, we go extra cheesy here – two times Swiss plus one American – and the bun is flipped so you get that toasty taste first. Grilled past medium, he’s also pilfered caramelised onions (because they’re amazing) and laced the lot with kewpie mayo (also amazing). Greater than the sum of its parts, or something else entirely? Convention be damned (or mildly amused), it’s time to flip the lid!

NB: of course, if it’s not to your taste, support the Bring Back Dan campaign in the comments below¬†#invertaburger #flipthelid #bringbackdan