Hummusutra (October 2016)

Whoever said that legumes and seeds can’t be sultry has obviously never tasted hummus. At its best, when those chickpeas are accompanied by plenty of tahini (toasted ground hulled sesame seeds), it’s creamy and luscious. But to earn the name “Hummusutra”, we needed to go one better, and that’s where the spiced new season’s lamb mince (ground by us, of course) comes in: cooked with plenty of onion, cumin, coriander and paprika, and a touch of allspice, cinnamon and chilli, it takes our hummus to another level. To complete the Mediterranean feel, there are crunchy, paprika doused chickpeas for texture (and flavour) and last, but certainly not least, some just-picked parsley for freshness (and colour). With these toppings and a freshly ground beef patty, we feel the need to give fair warning: you may be seduced. The “Hummusutra” is October’s burger of the month, available at all locations!