Get Welly Soon (September 2016)

If you’re going to judge a book by its cover, pâté is never going to picked first in the “Pretty Food” Olympics. Nor will duxelles. There’s just not much vibrancy to them, visually speaking. But we implore you, at least for a month: toss aside those ideas of “food needs to be colourful” and give #brownonbrownonbrown a chance.

September’s BoTM, “Get Welly Soon” (inspired by the iconic Beef Wellington) makes up for its lack of colour with some of our most rich flavours to date. Housemade chicken pâté (with a sneaky touch of bourbon) is smooth and luscious, as pâté should be (#meatbutter). We also cook diced mushrooms with caramelised onions in cream and butter until they taste like mushrooms that got banned from the “Pretty Food” Olympics for mushroom flavour enhancing drugs. And to add a bit of texture and as a homage to the original dish, there’s a few pieces of flaky puff pastry too.

Like the #2, it will be a bit decadent for some, but it will be umami nirvana for others; it’s available all of September at every BT location!2mb BOTM - September 2016