Fantastic Mr. Fritz (March 2017)

Festival season, or ‘Mad March’, as it’s affectionately known, is a time when Adelaide is *especially* the place to be. We pack in shows, events, pop-up bars, pop-up eateries, pop-up concert venues, pop-up everything really – and then, only a bit over half way through the month, ‘Mad March’ abruptly ends. Shame, isn’t it?

Given that fact, we figured our Burger of the Month for March could celebrate SA in a different way, and with some of its own alliteration to boot: introducing ‘Fantastic Mr. Fritz’, the star (and sole attraction) of ‘Meaty March’. Highlighting some lightly grilled pieces of Conroy’s bung fritz, we have kept it simple otherwise: our signature ground in-store Angus beef patty with cheese, kewpie for savoury richness, onion rings for crunch, and ketchup, because sauce and fritz is life. It might not get the write ups in Lonely Planet like “Mad March” does, but “Fantastic Mr. Fritz” will be there for you in its meaty, nostalgia-inducing glory for the entirety of your post-Fringe hangover.

BOTM - March 2017