Diner Burger (August 2016)

Sometimes, it really is about the simple things. We get it, molecular gastronomy. That olive that looks like “soil” is pretty incredible, and no, it didn’t occur to us to pair it with freeze dried curd of goats that only eat wild grass in the Western Himalayas (oh, sorry, curd of “tahr”). We’re as guilty as any burger place; watermelon and halumi¬†was at the very least slightly controversial, and flying fish roe had some up in arms (and others begging to keep it on the menu).

While there’s surely a time and place for that kind of fancy eating and testing of boundaries, there’s also a reason that the basics are so fundamental. And so we have the “Diner Burger”, which is nothing fancy at first glance: hash brown, bacon, egg salad, BBQ sauce. But when you use Skara Smallgood’s incredible dry-cured bacon from the Adelaide Hills, Rohde’s free range eggs from the Clare Valley (be careful not to boil them too long!), and tie it all together with something crispy (see: potato, deep fried) and a smokey, sweet BBQ sauce, it becomes something more special than simply the sum of its parts.BOTM - Diner Burger