Burgers of the Month

The Burger of the Month for May 2017 is a celebration of the chickpea! The Dalafel is our first vegetarian BOTM, featuring our house made falafel patty that we deep fried before serving with dal, raita and coriander!

The April 2017 Burger of the Month is our freshly ground Angus beef patty with sweet soy eggplant, lap cheong (Chinese style sausage), Kewpie and pickled carrot!  

Festival season, or ‘Mad March’, as it’s affectionately known, is a time when Adelaide is *especially* the place to be. We pack in shows, events, pop-up bars, pop-up eateries, pop-up concert venues, pop-up everything really – and then, only a bit over half way through the month, ‘Mad March’ abruptly ends. Shame, isn’t it? Given […]

Currently, when we want to indicate that one should take advantage of an opportunity as soon as it exists, in case that opportunity ceases to exist, we often say “strike while the iron is hot!” Doesn’t that seem a bit outdated? When was the last time you saw hot iron? Are blacksmiths still a thing? […]

The perfectly summery “Hallouminati” is back again, this time in time for summer. Summery because there’s watermelon on this burger…yeah, that’s right, sweet, crisp, and refreshing watermelon. You’ll just have to trust us. But this isn’t a dessert burger (there is an elite beef patty, after all): it also features its namesake, freshly grilled halloumi and just picked leaves of mint. […]

BOTM Hallouminati

We’ve been scrambling as of late, trying to think of a good gift for our Burger Theory loyalists this holiday season. While burger socks are pretty cool (according to at least 1/3 of the BT crew), we knew we needed to take it up a notch this year. So on that note, while we’re already […]

It was the early 2010s. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but things were better. Hawthorn fans were less insufferable. Trump’s lunacy affected a far smaller proportion of the world. And Taio Cruz was topping the charts (OK, maybe the early 2010s weren’t perfect). One thing, however, that Australians clearly missed out on from earlier this decade was […]

Whoever said that legumes and seeds can’t be sultry has obviously never tasted hummus. At its best, when those chickpeas are accompanied by plenty of tahini (toasted ground hulled sesame seeds), it’s creamy and luscious. But to earn the name “Hummusutra”, we needed to go one better, and that’s where the spiced new season’s lamb […]

If you’re going to judge a book by its cover, pâté is never going to picked first in the “Pretty Food” Olympics. Nor will duxelles. There’s just not much vibrancy to them, visually speaking. But we implore you, at least for a month: toss aside those ideas of “food needs to be colourful” and give […]

Sometimes, it really is about the simple things. We get it, molecular gastronomy. That olive that looks like “soil” is pretty incredible, and no, it didn’t occur to us to pair it with freeze dried curd of goats that only eat wild grass in the Western Himalayas (oh, sorry, curd of “tahr”). We’re as guilty […]